Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Varhya.

The sanction list has been modified on 8/12(Thu) due to while the data validation process, we've found out the incorrect sanction.

We apologize you may inconvenience caused by the gameplay due to the incorrect sanction.

We ask for your heartwarming understanding and if you have experienced any inconvenience, please submit [1:1 Inquiry] through customer support.

We are going to inform you that the result of the game usage restriction for providing a pleasant gaming environment.

Game usage restrictions may apply if any players take an unfair advantage in an unusual way, abuse the system or disturb the balance or fairness of the game.

[Game Usage Restriction]

◆ Sanction date: August 12nd (Thu) 03:00 UTC+0
◆ Operation policy violation: Abused glitch, 3rd-party program usage, or take advantage unfairly
◆ Type of restriction: Permanent
◆ Restriction target:

※ The sanction of restriction period and method may be changed at the judgment of the operation team.
※ If there is any unfair part about the sanctions, please contact customer support.

The Lord of Heroes team will take measures continuously against the players who violate the operation policy to make a better gaming environment.

Action on violations of the game operating policy, regardless of the time of the violation, action can be taken at any time when abuse cases are identified.

Please be informed that any loss due to the sanction is based on your responsibility.

We will keep monitoring it to make a clean gaming environment for Lord of Heroes.

Thank you.