Perhaps the best way to describe Lucilicca is to say she is possessed of an ardent fervor that can melt the gelid cold of the North.

With her burning passion and indomitable drive, she is helping to shake up elven society and free it from its long-standing rigidity. Unsurprisingly, the pillars of current society are none too happy about it. They view Lucilicca as an overly rash and progressive threat, come to change that which needs no changing.

In response, Lucilicca merely snorts at the absurdity of the idea that she would worry about the stagnant status quo or Council members with hindquarters too heavy to yield their seats. And at any rate, she is not "rash" as they say; she simply does everything she can in each moment, acting as quickly as wildfire.

She knows all too well that change comes to the world not by lofty resolutions, but by small-scale, consistent action.

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