One Fate, Two Paths..

Have you watched the 'Lord vs Emperor's confrontation' that was uploaded on the official YouTube of Lord of Heroes?! [Go to watch!]

The 'Elite Story Part 2' of the Lords of Heroes, which is highly anticipated by players, will be updated soon.

To commemorate 'Elite Story Part 2' updates, the 'No Spoilers' campaign will be held, we would like to ask for your interest and participation!

[ L.O.H ‘No Spoilers’ Campaign ]
- How to participate
☝ In relation to the story of 'Lord of Heroes', create an image under the 'Spoiler Prevention'(No spoilers) theme, then upload the images with both hashtags #LordofHeroes, #nospoilers, on your public SNS page.
✌ Share your SNS post link to the survey form below!

◆ Go to Survey form!

- Event Period
July 12nd (Mon) ~ July 27th(Tue) 14:59 (UTC+0)

- Rewards
🎁 Participation Rewards: 500 Crystal
🎁 Winner Rewards:
1) Secret Guardian: 500,000 Renown + 1x Lord Acrylic Stand (*LOH Goods)
2) Secret Watchman: 300,000 Renown + 1x Lord Acrylic Stand (*LOH Goods)
3) Secret Keeper: 100,000 Renown + 1x Lord Acrylic Stand (*LOH Goods)

[ Please  Note ]
- Please join the event with the public SNS account. If the SNS account status is private, you will be disqualified from the event.
- Please be noted that the event rewards will be provided only once per account.