Greetings, Lords
This is GM Varhya.

We inform you regarding the known issue after update completion on June 24th (Thu).
Once fixed the issue, the notice will be updated and, able to check the most recent update times.

We will do our best to make an enjoyable game environment.

[Recent Update info]
- Update Maintenance : July 5th 06:00 (UTC+0)

[Fixed issue]
- The language of the 'Friendly match' button is showing in Korean when trying to match with other players in Unity Plaza. (6/24 12:15 UTC+0)
- Unity Plaza > Equipment, Style Items and Costumes not properly applied to opponent's defense party during friendly match (7/5 06:00 UTC+0)

[Current known issue]
- The issue that the button of [Bontique] and [Designer' Closet] is not working when changing [Outfits] in Unity Plaza.
: It will be fixed through the updates at the end of July.
- The Heroes animation is unusually displayed. (6/24 10:04 UTC+0)
: The issues will be fixed if completely closed and restart the game app.
- The issue that the Hero or Accessories item is only displayed if changed to other Heroes when the status of 'Player OFF' in the Unity Plaza 'Settings' menu. (6/24 11:25 UTC+0)