Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Varhya.

We introduce you to the update details for May 25th (Tue).

※ The new Striker-limited equipment [Syphon] has been excluded from this week's update as we believe additional consideration will be needed for better optimization. We are sorry to keep the Lords waiting, but after further consideration and sharp testing, we will deliver a satisfying update. Thank you.
※ We will let you know of the fixed date via further notice.
※ Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
※ Please note that all screenshots have been taken from the test server and content can be changed

■ Alliance Raid Renewal
1)The New Alliance Raid season starts at 08:00 on May 25th (Tue) (UTC -O)
- The season currently in progress will end according to the original schedule.
2)The strength of the Alliance Raid member is changed to infinite health. (Keep level function)
3)The boss setting will be changed as below.
- Weekdays: Daily / Weekends: Weekly attribute rotation.
- Damage that exceeds the boss's remaining health will be passed onto the next level.
- Raid Boss skill: Every turn of the boss raises its attack power.
This effect stacks continuously and the figure increases as turns pass.

4)Along with the Alliance Raid renewal, the Alliance Shop will be also renewed.

■ New Hero Release

- 21/05/25 04:00 (UTC-0) Change Image

- Mei Ling (Dark) (★4/Priest) will be added to the game.
- Mei Ling (Dark) will be added in the [Chronicles].
- Mei Ling (Dark) can be recruited by purchasing a Hero Special Package.

■ Shop Changes: New Hero Package Releases  / Once In a Lifetime Package Step Additions / Ascension Package Renewals, Etc
1) A new hero package is on sale.

-  Product: [Dark] Mei Ling (Priest)
- Date: After maintenance -  July 31th (Sat) 14:59 (UTC-O)
- Price: USD 44.99

2) Once In a Lifetime Package Step Additions
- Date: Sold after Update
- Tier: Lord Level 24 / 27 / 30
- If the Lord level is the same or higher than the given level conditions of the last package, the package product will be exposed on the first game access (enter the lobby).

3) Daily Free Ascension Package will be added.

4) The Ascension Packs for all 5 Classes have been set into a single screen.

■ New Event: Avillon Event Update
1) Calamity's Bane Event will be opened.
- Date: May 25th (Tue) 15:00 ~ June 5th (Sat) 14:59 (UTC +O)
- Details: You can earn rewards based on the number of Alliance Raid plays.

2) Login Event Changes
- Period: Login Event rewards will change from May 25th (Tue) After maintenance.
- Your previous participation history will be reset upon the Login Event reward changes.

※ Lords who have received the Login Event rewards before the update can participate again after the update.
※ If the Login Event conditions are met but rewards aren’t collected, the Login time of the Lord will be recorded and maintained, applying said time for the updated Login event.

3) Vie for Victory! Event
- Period: After maintenance - 14:59 on June 7th (Mon) (UTC-0)
-Details: You can earn rewards based on the number of Coliseum attack victories.

4) New Ad Gifts Event
- Period: After maintenance - June 21st (Mon) 14:59 (UTC-0)
- Details: Watch ads and get rewards!

5) Daily Battle Training
- Period : May 31st 15:00 (Mon) - June 14th 14:59 (Mon) (UTC-0)
- Details: Play through Story Stages / The Primeval Halls / Alliance Raid /
                 Coliseum / Obelisk and acquire various rewards!

■ Alchemy changes
1) Alchemy Point system is added
2) Alchemy Festival will be renamed [Alchemy Gift].
3) [Previous] Once a month (Beginning of month ~ End of month)
    → [Change] Infinite resets during said Alchemy period.

4) Alchemy - [Dark] Mei Ling (Priest) will be added.
- Date: May 25th (Tue) 08:00 ~ July 31st (Sat) 14:59 (UTC-O)

5) Alchemy – Promotion Alchemy for 3 heroes will be added.
- Date: May 25th (Tue) 08:00 ~ August 31st 14:59 (Tue) (UTC-0)
- Target: Guardian: [Fire] Zaira / Striker: [Water] Helga, [Earth] Olga

■ Other improvements and changes
1) Class equipment [Pierce] has been improved.
- [Previous] 2 Set: Adds attacks 10% that ignores defense
- [Improved] 2 Set: Adds attacks 15% that ignores defense (6 set - 45%)
2) The Update Maintenance notice pop-up design will be changed.
3) The Game Exit pop-up design will be changed.
- The Game Exit pop-up can be found on your Android device.

4) The Primeval Halls information is improved.
- [Previous] Elemental > Treasure > Experience > Trials > Day of the Week
→ [Change] Elemental > Trials > Treasure > Experience > Day of the Week
- The time remaining until Treasure/Experience Hall resets is indicated.
- The time remaining until Day of the Week Element Hall replacement is indicated.

5) Filters/Sorting functions added to the Hero screen.
- Filter functions identical to those of the Battle Preparation Screen will be added.
- The sorting criteria will change with the addition of the filter function.
: [Previous] Rank > Level > Power > Acquisition
[Change] Power > Rank > Level> > Acquisition