Greetings, lords in Avillon.

We have found some issues and we are currently investigating them.
Our team will try to fix them as quickly as possible.
Please refer to the details below.

The app emulator connection issue has been solved at 14:50 (UTC+0)
Now you can log into the game via app emulators.

** Please go to Google Play and download the new version.

[ Known Issue]
◈ An issue where hero decks are displayed abnormally in the raid lobby.
-> Please restart the game or change your hero deck

[ Solved ]
◈ Unable to enter certain stages due to an error
- Woodland Depths region's 3rd stage in Elite Mode (2-3)
- Rhodon region's 1st and 3rd stage in Elite Mode (3-1, 3-3)
- Third Tower region's 1st and 6th stage in Elite Mode (4-1, 4-6)
※ This has been fixed on 02/23 14:20 (UTC+0).

◈ An issue has been found where you cannot log into the game via some PC app emulators.
- We are assuming that the problem occurred due to our upgraded security system.

◈ (iOS) An issue where you couldn't log into the game with Facebook
- Please go to Appstore and update to the new version

We apologize for the inconvenience,
and we will try our best for a better game service.

Thank you.