Greetings, lords around the world!
This is your friendly GM Lumisade

The scheduled maintenance is complete.
Now you can log into the game and enjoy your wonderful journey :D

[Maintenance Schedule ]
- Duration: February 23rd (Tue) 04:00 - 10:00 (UTC+0)

Update Summary
- Alliance Raid Improvements
> Raid Practice Mode
> Raid Boss HP Adjustments
- Lyn's Alchemy Festival (Fixed term event)
- New Event: A Spring Picnic with Schenider
- New Triumphs (9 kinds)
- Avillon Festival Package Permanent Sales
- Bug Fixes
- Balance Adjustment
> Adjusted the rate of Barreta (Water)’s HP recovery on the Obelisk: 37F
- Maintenance & Extended Maintenance Compensation: 500 crystals

[Known Issue]
- An issue has been found where you get disconnected while playing Obelisk 39F.
 To solve the issue, we are making adjustments temporarily as below.

- 3rd round boss: Vanessa (Water) -> Vanessa (Fire)
- 3rd round guard: Vanessa (Fire) -> Vanessa (Water)

* Please note that the status of the boss hero and guard hero does not change.
- An issue has been found where '28 Day Journey' is still displayed when you try to login with another account even if the account is not qualified to have the 28 Day Journey.

[Additional Information]
- 'Avillon Festival Package Permanent Sales' will be applied from next sales in March

Thank you
GM Lumisade