Greetings, lords around the world!

Avillon’s Got Talent! Show us your creatives!
Any video that has the contents of ‘Lord of Heroes’ is accepted!
Express your ideas to other lords around the world!

[ Event Period ]
◈ Participating Period : 2020.12.25(Fri) ~ 2021.01.22(Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)
Nomination Announcement : 2021.01.29(Fri)
◈ Final Nomination : 2021.02.05(Fri)

[ How to participate ]
① Create a video clip introducing Lord of Heroes!
② Upload the clip on Youtube or Tik Tok with your USER ID,
and the hashtag; #LordofHeroes #Avillon's_Got_Talent
③ Fill in the [ Event Form ] with the video link and your USER ID!

[ Winner Rewards ]
Avillon's Star : 10 Million Renown ( 1 Winner )
Dev's Pick! : 3 Million Renown ( 3 Winners )
Heroes' Pick! : 1 Million Renown  ( 30 Winners )
> Atrid (Art) / Fram (Funny) /  Vanesa (Sound) / Rouin (Contents & Details) and etc.

◆ Selection method
- The number of ‘Likes’ in the video post will be reflected in the judging part.
- The winners will be selected by members of Clovergames.
- You may submit several entries under a single account, but only one per person will be considered.

◆ Please Note
- Videos must be your own original creation and must have no legal issues. Participants are responsible for all issues arising from legal disputes.
- You can only participate with the video uploaded within the participation period.
- Any videos determined to be contrary to social norms, such as content that promotes sensationality, violence, and conflict, are excluded from the review.
- Depending on circumstances, events may be postponed or canceled. If any changes occur, we will inform you by additional notice.
- All winners’ creatives will be added in our official Youtube channel.
- If your account information cannot be confirmed, then your prize may be forfeited.
- Please make sure that your entry is open to the public and can be viewed by everyone.
- For content containing excessive spoilers, please be sure to include the spoiler alert in the title or content.
- Other precautions, be sure to read the [ Event Regulations ].