Greetings, lords!!

This is GM Lumisade & Dakkeon.

We are making this announcement as the last farewell.

We, GM Lumisade and GM Dakkeon have been working as messengers of Avillon. We made various announcements, update notes, event notes and a lot more since the official launch here in Korea, on 26th of March 2020.

However, sadly, I and my reliable fellow GM Dakkeon will be leaving Avillon for good as of April 30th due to personal reasons.

We have shared our memories before writing down this announcement while having a cup of coffee. At the beginning of the service, we made a bet about who wins the final boss ‘Kartis’ with 3 stars, and GM Lumisade won of course XD.
Also, we talked about our work such as meetings, working overtime for issue solutions, and making suggestions about how we are going to provide satisfying service to the lords around the world.

It wasn’t always easy working as a ‘Messenger of Avillon’, but it is true that we also were able to learn a lot from lords’ feedback and opinions and were able to improve ourselves. We really appreciate your endless support and love toward Lord of Heroes :)

We are really sad that this is our last goodbye, but [GM Varhya] and [GM Isola] will be taking over our legacy as Avillon’s messenger as of April 30th.

[GM Varhya] and [GM Isola] are still learning about Lord of Heroes, we kindly would like to ask you for patience and understanding.

It has been truly our honor to work as messengers of Avillon.

Thank you and we love you all!
GM Lumisade & Dakkeon