Greetings, lords around the world!

It’s already November and we hope you are having a great time with Lord of Heroes!

Today, we brought you a short sneak peek concerning ‘Alliance Raid Revamp’.
Through this revamp, the Raid Boss monsters will appear by elements for each day, the boss monsters will be affected by ‘Action Gauge Reduction’ skills, you will be able to give more sap damage to the boss, and also you will be able to pre-set your heroes for each alliance raid.

So, let’s take a look what’s going to change, shall we? :D

■ Different Elemental Bosses on Each Day

Were you tired of setting your deck of heroes every time when trying to enter the Alliance Raids?
Were you tired of waiting for the easier elemental raid boss to appear?

You don’t have to worry about these anymore!

After the revamp, the Alliance Boss Monsters will appear by elements on the designated day.
Raid boss monster’s level will be recorded separately for each element, and the total rewards will be given according to each boss monster’s final level. Rewards will be distributed according to average damage rankings once the season is over.

** Due to the Alliance Raid Revamp, the season rewards
WON'T be distributed on Monday.
The rewards will be sent out during maintenance next week.
** Please note that the Revamped Alliance Raid Season will be applied after the maintenance.
** You can apply for the next season after the maintenance next week.

■ Action Gauge Reduction and Sap Damage Buff

We are going to ease some of the ‘Action Gauge Reduction Immunity’ from the boss monster. It will enable you to set up more strategic plays by using ‘Action Gauge Reduction’ skills.

In addition, the max damage of ‘Sap Damage’ will be increased. There will be a numerical value increase, but we are testing from various angles since this could be very sensitive matter towards the battle system. We will let you know more details via upcoming patch notes.

■ Alliance Team Preset System by each Elements

There is an ‘Auto Select’ system, but you still have to set your tactical teams manually every time.

So, we will add a ‘Preset System’, which enables you to save your previous attack team for each element boss and load them automatically when you enter the battle station. It will definitely assist you to come up with by more strategic plays, and not to mention being by far more convenient.

■ Others

In addition, to reduce damage loss while alliance members are in the raid battles at the same time, we will add a pop-up window, which will let you know that other alliance members are already in the battle. Also, the total dealt damage of other members will be displayed on the alliance chat right after their battle.

This was a brief introduction of the upcoming alliance raid revamp :)

You will be able to see more details via a patch note soon, so please stay tuned!

As always, enjoy your journey with wonderful heroes :D

Thank you
Lord of Heroes GMs