Come celebrate the 4th anniversary of Lord of Heroes and enjoy various events with us, Your Highness!

Check out the list of 4th anniversary events happening now!

✨4th Anniversary Festival

- Logging in during the event will activate the 4th Anniversary Check-In. Log in every day for great rewards!

Lord's Special Recruitment

✨4th Anniversary Countdown Buff Event!

- Celebrate LoH's 4th Anniversary with buffs every day for five days straight!

New Hero Full Party Event

- Recruit all the new Heroes released in March and receive special rewards!

New Hero Aptitude Event

- Level up the Aptitude Skills of new heroes and earn bountiful rewards!


- Who will be your chosen knight among the three? Share your decision with us, Your Highness!

Our Alliance Wants You!

- We're thrilled to announce our new event, Our Alliance Wants You!