Ladies and gentlemen, gather around for the revelation you’ve all been waiting for. Here stands a figure enshrouded in mystery, yet strikingly familiar.

To some, he’s known as the Avillonian margrave; to others, Count Lancelotte. Those less familiar might simply refer to him as the knight with the silky locks.

But above all these titles, he proudly proclaims himself as the Undefeated Golden Lion—a title he embodies in every sense—or so he believes.

The Lancelotte family has deep roots in Avillon’s history, dating back to its founding. It all began with Heizen Lancelotte, the archduke known for his staunch loyalty and steadfast resolve. He swore his life to the wings of the Ancient Guardian Dragon and stood firm on the battlefront until his last breath. As his descendant, Oswald carries this legacy with equal fervor. At times, this fervor steered him to the brink of perilous choices, yet it’s worth noting that protecting Avillon has always remained his utmost priority, guiding every daring choice he makes.

While Oswald embodies the Lancelotte family’s determination, his twin sister Natalie is its intellectual force. She possesses enough charisma to make even the one and only, mighty Oswald, appear less imposing. This likely explains why Oswald entrusted the governance of his territory in Natalie’s capable hands—a decision proven beneficial not only for the twins but for their people as well.

For Oswald, life is a series of clear ambitions: to be the coolest knight, to never break his winning streak in battle, and to serve as the O’ mighty protector of Avillon. Of course, for as long as he walks the earth. His goals may seem simple, yet the oh, so perilous journey to achieve them is anything but. Sometimes, Oswald must clench his jaw within the confines of his shiny helmet, and endure—or perhaps, wallow—in the bitter taste of defeat. At other times, he must mask his fears behind his gracious golden armor, as he faces formidable adversaries.

Yet, might I suggest you place your trust in Oswald, the margrave who would go to any length for his people? After all, he is a mighty fellow who has never even considered his own limits, nor feared them. Now go on, place your faith in the Undefeated Golden Lion as he tirelessly defends Avillon’s honor! Oh right, yes, as he does it unyieldingly, of course!