Let us reminisce Dakkeon, a nation that now lives only in our memories, with its throne undergoing another succession not long after the previous monarch passed. Its successor was much like a fierce lion with its claws armed, yet sheathed away. After she ascended the throne, not everyone recognized the legitimacy of her position. Despite such, complaints quickly died down. This was because the mercenaries needed a foundation they could rely on, and Alev understood this need perfectly.

Alev believed that a nation built upon peace and harmony to make up for a lack of structure was destined for doom. Thus, she came to a single resolute conclusion: to conquest and dominate.

Although her reign was brief, Alev's political maneuvers were enough to unsettle the surrounding nations. Her stance was clear. Not peace, not harmony, but conquest. She locked up the gates and trained her mercenaries rigorously. She taught them to count, to work as they were paid, and to resist the lure of flattering words. Though many left due to her cold, almost threatening decisions, Alev held her ground without compromise.

One can only guess why she held no resentment towards the previous king. The important fact, however, is that Aslan, who embodied the spirit of the Brucos mercenaries, became the young lion's trusted right hand. Rumor has it that Aslan had plans to reclaim the throne. But this remains unproven and will remain so, for even when the day the sky split and Alev had to make a decision, she didn't hesitate.

Whatever her tactics, Alev has always been committed to the future of her mercenaries. Her uncompromising nature ensures that this commitment will continue as she pushes forward with unyielding determination. Now, we must wait and see what she will face and what changes will follow.