The Lehtinen family flourished remarkably in just a few decades, thriving despite their remote location in the icy expanses of the northern continent. Their success was significant enough to attract emissaries eager to learn from their expertise. At the heart of their fame was Miriande, key in establishing their reputation as a family skilled in magic. However, not long after the academy was founded, he left his home without looking back. Being the most renowned mage in the northern continent, Miriande Lehtinen has always been like that. He was driven by a single goal: to spread magic, which mattered more to him than anything else.

After Miriande set out to pursue his singular goal, he never bound himself to any organization or country. He simply wandered, expanding his knowledge of magic as he went. One of the places that he found himself staying for an extensive period of time was Helvania. This neutral nation, free from surrounding conflicts, offered environmental advantages that made it an ideal refuge. Though deeply immersed in his own studies, Miriande welcomed those who were willing to learn. Despite his ill temper, his students found the insights they gained under his tutelage to be invaluable. Miriande was known to disappear without a trace from time to time, but the captivating stories he shared upon his return always left his students eager for more.

Miriande’s stories, including ones about the Guardian of Lunaris and the Great Glacial Labyrinth, often sparked lively debates among his students. Discussions about the original purpose of Lunaris and its misconceptions which no longer reflect its initial purpose were so captivating that the hours seemed to fly by as him and his students delved into the intricacies of the mysterious icy nation and its guardian. The debates often boiled down to a recurring conclusion that not everyone was particularly pleased with—the concept of spreading the power of magic. Though opinions on this conclusion varied, the students’ appreciation for their teacher’s lifelong dedication to his quest outweighed any disagreements.

And now, Miriande is preparing to settle down for a fourth time. What new knowledge will he bring to this small, dragon-spirited nation?