Rhodon is home to a number of schools, but only a few have a reputation that extends beyond the nation. At the forefront is Renbridge School, the oldest and most prestigious among them.

The Ledios family has a long history of producing generations of exceptional warriors. One would find that many knights dedicated to the Blue Rose were indeed members of the Ledios family. In the past, this reputation was limited to warriors alone. This was changed by Krom, the pride of Rhodon, who served as the student council president of Renbridge School.

Krom was a figure of honor among his peers and deeply trusted by the faculty. While his excellent grades and martial arts skills were remarkable, they were only part of what defined him. His commitment to inclusivity, his proactive approach to resolving conflicts, and his warm, welcoming leadership style have made him the leader he is today.

And so, everyone who knows him believes that he deserves the titles that follow. He is the 'Flower of the Banquet Hall' possessing a discerning eye for beauty and art, and the 'Undefeated Knight Captain' who boasts unwavering courage. These titles all express the people’s deep admiration for him, but perhaps 'Spring' is the one that best encapsulates Krom, as he envisions a warm world free of brutal wars and harsh winters.

If you meet him in the ballroom, don't hesitate to introduce yourself. Feel free to ask him to sing a song for you. His voice, blended with gentle melodies, will indeed make your days feel like an exuberant spring.