Brandt was a diligent successor to the throne. His father was a man of tough love. And after his passing, Brandt sought guidance from his stepmother. She served as a regent and taught him the act of leadership. Brandt led a busy yet happy life. He knew that the throne was a position of privilege and responsibility. Much awaited him, including his coming of age ceremony and his coronation. Up until this point in time, his life was still fairly comfortable. He had a brother who would bring him snacks every evening, and a loving mother who not only could offer him stern advice, but also teach him the ropes of magic as she was a proficient mage.

His nation thrived and grew day by day, reaching new heights of prosperity. That was, until the day calamity struck, shattering the wardstone of his kingdom.

The wardstone was an artifact passed down from the founding king. On the day of its destruction, he once again lost his mother. With her sacrifice, Brandt was able to seal the Great Old Ones within himself—an extraordinary feat only achievable thanks to the profound bond between the teacher and the apprentice, deeply ingrained within their instincts. Upon containing the Great Old Ones, Brandt was no longer human, nor was he a mere king of a nation anymore. The miasma emanating from his form rendered the kingdom barren, compelling its inhabitants to flee the darkened forest. Henceforth, Brandt became known as the Nightmare of the End and the King of Malevolence. The once bright and wise king would no longer be remembered.

Despite the grim circumstances, Brandt endured. Amidst dwindling hope and the relentless passage of time, he endured. Secluding himself within the forsaken kingdom, he immersed himself in literature and confronted the Great Old Ones that tormented his mind. He bore the burden of being the sole person who ended a war that never started. That is probably why the distortion of time he stumbled upon, along with his encounters with knights whom he doesn't need to keep his distance from, may have brought him more happiness than surprise.