As a child, Syphfride feared the night. But what helped her overcome that fear were her mother's bedtime stories. Every night, as the stars began to fall asleep, Syphfride lay in her mother's lap, who would run her fingers through Syphfride's hair. Her mother's voice, soft as the chirping of crickets, spun tales that kept Syphfride's nights glowing with warmth and wonder. It seemed as if Syphfride's nights would sparkle on forever.

But, as we all know, fate had different plans for this stargazer. The War of the Tyrants shattered Syphfride's shining life into pieces, not once but twice.

Some may wonder if we fell short somewhere. Indeed, we as a humanity, have survived and have won a complete victory—Thanks to the Draconic Descendant who refused to be silenced, who had to make sacrifices.

The hero of the war still bears the scar, for which we owe her a debt beyond measure. When Syphfride lost her companions, who were like family to her, she forever lost the ability to shine on her own.

Despite everything, Syphfride finds herself under the starry night once more. No one knows what motivated this pessimistic navigator to take a step forward. It won't be her lost companions, nor the ominous whispers tempting her with the false hope of miracles. Nothing in the world can bring Syphfride down, for the only thing she believes in is herself.

So take a moment to listen to the whispers of this solitary twilight. Listen to the tale of the guiding star that has led us to this very moment. Listen to the Nightfall Navigator that illuminates the darkness. Listen to the star who conquered her fear of the night, all for you.