No one can help but stare with eyes of envy should they find themselves in the presence of this formidable commander. She was born with a natural air of charisma, has clear judgment, and is never afraid to act on her words. Lucilicca embodies all the qualities of a great leader.

She has gone by many names. During her childhood, she was known as "captain" to her friends with whom she conquered the snowy mountaintops of Lumisade with. When Lucilicca would take the charge, even the most mischievous of rascals would obey Lucilicca in an instant, for she wielded even a simple twig with grace and power. So, you can imagine what other impressive names she earned at the Academy. Lucilicca always held the most honorable of titles. She was the Student Council President who would do anything for the wellbeing of her classmates. She was the smooth talker who the professors couldn't even lay a finger on, and despite seemingly chill and laidback, she was also the ace student who always had excellent grades.

Lucilicca would always be one step ahead of everyone. Laphlaes would be the one who kept a close eye on this confident elf. With Laphlaes having set his sights on Lucilicca, it seemed as if Lucilicca would never step out of line. Of course, that did not mean that Lucilicca blindly agreed with everything he said. On the contrary, she was always eager to challenge him, for she believed that differing opinions sparked healthy debate, and healthy debate led to the best outcomes.

Some might say that Lucilicca had nothing to despair about in her life. But that's only because they don't know her well enough to see that Lucilicca is constantly fighting her own battles—the same Lucilicca who is the commander of the elves, the Student Council President of the Academy, and the captain of her little troopers. For her, it doesn't matter how many hardships she has faced, as she fights the present to create a better future.

Even to this day, Lucilicca presses on with might. She is someone who will clear the obstacles on the road she paves, so that no one will stumble behind her. She is someone who will always find the nearest source of water for the sake of the thirsty. All we have to do is trust her with the same resolve that Lucilicca wears.

Isn't that right, Commander?