Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Lunaris.

The Citadel Missions, introduced in the February 15th update, will receive the following additional improvement updates.
※ A version update is scheduled to incorporate the changes onto the live servers.

■ Improvements

- Energy and Gold rewards will be improved for all stages of 'Meowmic's Treasure'.
- 'Hard' and 'Very Hard' missions will appear less frequently in Cannae's Missions.
- Difficulty adjustments in 'Cannae’s Mission'
1) 'Win Coliseum attacks' missions:

*Before: Win 3 Coliseum attacks - [Easy], Win 5 Coliseum attacks - [Normal]
*After: Win 1 Coliseum attacks - [Easy], Win 2 Coliseum attacks - [Normal], Win 3 Coliseum attacks - [Hard], Win 5 Coliseum attacks - [Very Hard]
2) 'Clear story stage using certain class/element Heroes' missions: Clear 3 times → 1 time
3) 'Clear story stage (Nightmare)' missions: Clear 5 times → 3 times

※ Improvements regarding the mission reset feature for Citadel Missions are currently under review.

■ Version Update Schedule

- Date: February 28th (Wed) 02:00 (UTC+0)
- Version: 1.4.021510  ver

※ You must update Lord of Heroes to the latest version to access the game. Please download the latest version update through an appropriate app store.
※ Downloading via Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

The improved Citadel Missions will be implemented starting from the new season (Feb. 29th 15:00 UTC+0). To ensure a seamless experience, please update the game to the latest version.

Thank you once again to all the Lords who have provided valuable feedback and have participated in the new content.
We will continue to work hard to ensure your voice are heard. Thank you.