Solphi often dreamed about where she would go if she could one day escape this place. She imagined a small house on the beach for Nine as he loved playing in the water, or a cabin in the woods where she could tend to her flower garden. Each day, Solphi envisioned a future that wouldn't involve the cold walls of the laboratory.

Perhaps someone heard her praying every night. One day, the unexpected destruction of the lab freed Solphi from her cage. She barely managed to grab her brother from the rubble and get away. Although she didn't know where to go, all Solphi could do was run without looking back.

The two barefoot children ran over mountains, across oceans, and through blizzards, until they reached Lumisade. For Solphi, there was only one goal: to escape from that hellhole, as far away as possible. At the end of their journey, she and her brother collapsed in a distant snowfield.

What happened next is what anyone would have wished for them. Countless hands reached out to the sister and brother who had nowhere to go. Someone offered them a home, another provided hot food, and another gave them a chance to learn. The muddy, barefoot children who once begged for their lives were now able to laugh and smile with everyone else around them.

Solphi still has nightmares of that day—that day that seemed like it couldn't get any more terrible. To this day, she still remembers all those days languished in despair, with not a soul out there willing to save them. On all those days, Solphi was always ready to jump, whether it was off a cliff or into a pit of fire—because there was no worse place than where she already was.

A mind unafraid of the end is a mind that sees beyond nightmares and paints hope. And a mind like this allows one to study to their heart's content and pass on knowledge to curious students. This spark of hope of hers is ignited by the people she loves the most and the ones that mean everything to her: her family.