The Devicci. It's hard to imagine the weight of the name that Bianca must have carried, having borne it all her life. It meant that she was always judged in the same way by others, regardless of what she did. For Bianca, receiving praise for her achievements in her own name was never easy. As people expected more from her and watching eyes became harsher, she found herself speechless in response to those who labeled her as lucky. With nothing to say back, Bianca would bite her tongue. She believed that hard work would one day pay off, and she consistently told herself that she would eventually discover the meaning of her aimless life.

There was no particular turning point in her life—no traumatic event occurred, nor did she have some sort of fateful encounter with someone who would change her life. Instead, what happened was a stroke of luck. As the sun was setting, Bianca found herself on deck and had a chance see a pod of dolphins breaching on the horizon. Dolphins are a symbol of good luck for Isolan sailors. So, as she watched them swim by, something clicked. The events that happened after unfolded with surprising coherence. All that time, she was struggling to climb a tower that seemed so sky-high at the time. But getting down from that tower was as easy as sliding down a hill. Of course, her efforts were not futile. Imagine what it feels like to finally take your first breath after spending an excruciating amount of time not knowing how to breathe properly. Well, that life-changing day felt exactly like that first breath.

Some would call what she did: 'giving up', others would call it an 'act of courage'; but none of that mattered for her. Bianca had decided to be honest with herself. Rather than worrying about what people thought of her, she decided to pay more attention to what mattered to her: her tasks for the day, what croffins like to eat the most, her simple yet smooth-going daily life, her noisy yet adorable subordinates, and what she had planned for her future holiday cabin. Life is short yet long—once she's taken enough time to rest, who knows where her passion will take her.