Icateztol's first encounter with the world took place in a forest. The trees whispered songs amidst the scent of fresh grass, and flower paths formed on the gentle breeze. The forest, a place where nothing lacked nor overflowed, was also known by another name, 'Kanakanhal'.

The untouched forest was serene. The dryad, who have finally blossomed after centuries of waiting, had nothing else to do but live happily ever after, and outsiders were certainly not welcome to share in that peace.

Regardless, the flames of war threatened to devour the forest—and the refugee from the scorched southern continent was the key that opened the gates to foreseen destruction. What if Icateztol hadn't been patrolling the forest's borders that day? What if badly injured Rozelic hadn't accidentally broken a branch of a willow tree? Perhaps they would never have found each other, who would eventually become eternal companions.

Icateztol unlocked the warding rune of the forest to save Rozelic, and naturally, the World Observer noticed it. The moment she opened up the forest, Kanakanhal was destined to become a part of history known as the War of the Tyrants.

The time of decision had come for the peace-loving guardian of the forest. It would have been an easy decision to make, of course, if you didn't care about what happened to the world outside the forest. But if you couldn't turn a blind eye and wanted to save your dear friend's world, then there was only one answer.

The winds carried her to the world beyond the forest. The realm outside the tree of her birth was undeniably daunting, yet it was also novel and mysterious. If it weren't for the flame accompanying her on that unfamiliar journey, only the emotion called fear would have prevailed.

Now, she sees a new world every day. The chatty sunlight, squishy breezes, and sparkling flower scents are all precious to the guardians of the forest—the way she expresses them may be challenging for the human ears to comprehend, though.

So, welcome the evergreen with a warm heart. You'll find the breath of the forest living with vigor no matter where you go—in the green leaves, in the warm sunshine, in the gentle breeze. If you love the forest first, the green breeze will never let you down.