As always, she will be your Astrid.

Whether it was Etharonia or any place she had known before, whether it was the home she once cherished or the citadel she had grown attached to, it had become irrelevant. After all, a dwelling doesn't always equate to belonging. After drifting aimlessly for longer than one can realize, the elf had made you her sun, orbiting around you like a planet and designating you as her point of return. It seems unlikely that this law of physics will change in the future.

There was more than enough contemplation. Of course, it was all about practicality rather than what's right or wrong. The rational elf calculated how much of your humanity would wear down and how much of your heart would be torn apart. But, in the end, she concluded that you wouldn't give up, and there was no other choice but to follow you. So, as always, that's how Astrid traversed the world: orbiting around you like a satellite.

You were the one who was baffled. Surely, you couldn't have imagined someone following you across the world. But now you understand. Astrid, this hearty elf, will follow you wherever you go, no matter how broken and cracked she gets. Wherever you are, no matter how long it takes, she will eventually reappear in front of you again. And then, as if nothing happened, she'll say hello with her signature line.