The year of 2023 is nearly coming to an end.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all the Lords for the love you've shown us this year. Thanks to your support, LoH has come this far. Now, here's what we've prepared for you for the last month of 2023.

※ All screenshots in Avillon Post are works in progress. The features on the live servers may be slightly different from what is shown in the images.

■ Piercing Beam, Astrid (Light)

The hero taking the spotlight in the final month of the year is Astrid (Light), as introduced in November's livestream.

Astrid (Light) is a Sniper, showcasing various powerful skills related to 'elements'.

Until now, Astrid has always been a reliable friend and comrade to the Lords. However, Astrid (Light) opposes the Lords as a member of Camelot. I am eagerly anticipating the backstory of Astrid (Light) and how she will join Avalon.

■ From endless failure to salvation

The story of Nightmare difficulty, which began in March of this year, is coming to its conclusion.

How will the Lord of another timeline greet us, and what awaits us at the end of Nightmare? I hope you enjoyed it fully until the end.

Furthermore, the story of Nightmare difficulty has been fully recorded in the Archives since the November update. Feel free to visit Mu when you want to recall the memories once again.

■ Special Accessories for Birthdays

The knights of Avillon each leave behind joyful memories on their birthdays. And there will be a more special way to celebrate their birthdays from this update onwards.

Celebrate the birthday of your favorite hero with Accessories crafted by Aurea!

■ Alchemy Grand Rerun

(I was unable to find a relevant image. Here's Baretta loafing instead.)

Alchemy Grand Rerun is scheduled to take place from mid to late December. The hero of the day changes every day, so be sure not to miss the opportunity to acquire equipment for your favorite hero!

Further details regarding this will also be provided in a future event announcement.

So many improvements will be added in this update. Detailed information will be provided via the update notes. But here's a sneak peek of what's coming in December's update.

■ World-sprouting Tree

Arrow of Peace and Guardian of Evergreen: Icateztol is coming to Avillon. 

The fairy, who once wielded her bow to protect the mysterious forest of the southern continent, now steps out of her forest to protect the world with her eternal companion.

To step into the new world, she will need your guidance.

■ Happy New Year

A new side story will be updated for the new year. Lumie and Biryu travel across the continent to hear wise words from the elders. What stories will they hear?

So many events occurred this year.
All the experiences, numerous challenges, joy, and fulfillment that we went through together... 

And above all, we take great pride in being able to be with all the Lords around the world.
We sincerely thank you for being with us this year.

Now, as a new year dawns, more exciting days are waiting ahead of us.
Remembering the days we shared, we wish to continue drawing a new future with you.

Happy holidays and a happy new year.
And as always, thank you, Your Highness!

Lord of Heroes Team.

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