Creator Challenge is back with even more bountiful rewards!
Introducing, #LoH_CreatorChallenge4 - <Art Extravaganza>! 🎉

Check out all the festive artwork from Lords around the world this holiday season! ☃💝

※ Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza has returned! This time, with more inclusivity than ever before.

This year, Lords can now submit artwork utilizing AI technology as a separate category so that more Lords will be able to join in on the Creator Challenge festive fun.

To keep things fair, AI-assisted artwork and original artwork will be judged as separate categories.

We wouldn't want any Lords missing out on the festivities.

With this, we hope more Lords can showcase their creativity in even more diverse ways.

◆ Theme

 - Create and submit your holiday party-themed artwork! 

◈ Eligibility

 - Lords from all over the world who enjoy Lord of Heroes!

◆ Event Duration

 - 2023 Nov. 29th (Wed) – 2023 Dec. 25th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)

◈ How to Participate

  1. Create your artwork based on the theme and submit it according to the submission format!
  2. Log in to <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website using your Google account and click 'Sign Up' on the top right.
  3. In addition to 'Original Artwork', participation in this event is also open to 'AI-assisted Artwork'. Please make sure to select the appropriate artwork category for your submission on the Sign Up page.
  4. Submit the file according to the steps on the website and you're done!
  5. You can view artwork created by other Lords on the landing page. Please give a hearty 'Like' to the artwork you enjoyed! 👍

◆ Submission and Voting Schedule

📝 Submissions: 2023 Nov. 29th (Wed) – 2023 Dec. 17th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
💌 Voting: 2023 Nov. 29th (Wed) – 2023 Dec. 25th (Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)

◈ Winners Announcement

2023 Dec. 29th (Fri)

◆ Submission Guidelines

Image Size

- 16:9 ratio

- Width: 1920(px) or higher

- Height: 1080(px) or higher


300dpi or higher

File Size

Under 20MB

File Format


- Any method (digital / hand-drawn / AI-generated) is welcomed. (AI-assisted submissions must indicate the use of AI tools/programs upon submission.)
- You may only upload 1 submission.
To ensure Lords from all over the world can appreciate your artwork, please refrain from including text in your submissions.

<Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> Official Website 🖌️

※ Important Notes
- Please login with your Google account to access the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website.
- Please delete and reupload if you need to edit your submission.
- 'Likes' will be deleted as well upon deleting the submission.
- Submitted entries cannot be edited or deleted after the submission deadline (2023 Dec. 17th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)).

◈ Prizes

[Grand Award] Chronicle's Choice! (1 winner)
: Renown (10 million) + Linkstones (7,500) + Artwork featured on the Lord of Heroes login and loading screens + Artwork showcased on Lord of Heroes' Google Play Store and App Store event banners 

[Excellence Award] Avillon's Choice! (3 winners)
: Renown (5 million) + Linkstones (4,500) + Artwork featured on the Lord of Heroes loading screens

[Outstanding Award] Heroes' Choice!  (10 winners)
: Renown (1 million) + Linkstones (2,500 2,000)

[Fan's Choice] Number 1 in My Heart (1 winner)
: Renown (1 million) + Linkstones (1,000)

Researcher's Choice! (3 winners)
: Crystals (3,000) + Battle Skip Tickets (200)

※ Information regarding '[Grand Award] Chronicle's Choice!' Artwork
- The Grand Prize-winning artwork may be subject to editing according to the guidelines of the Lord of Heroes' login screen, Google Play Store, and App Store event banners.

※ Information regarding ‘[Fan's Choice] Number 1 in My Heart' Artwork
- This award will be granted to the highest-voted artwork on the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website and is not subject to a separate judging process.
- A Google account is required to submit artwork on the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website.
- Those who have received the Chronicle's Choice! / Avillon's Choice! / Heroes' Choice! awards are also eligible for the 'Number 1 in My Heart' Fan's Choice award.
- In the event that the submission with the most votes deviates from the submission guidelines and format, the award may be revoked and conferred upon the next runner-up.

※ Information regarding 'Researcher's Choice!' Artwork
- Winners will be selected from the AI-assisted Artwork category.

◆ How are the winners selected?

- Lord of Heroes staff will select the winners based on various criteria, such as compatibility with the theme and popularity.

- The number of votes received during the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> will be considered as part of the judging criteria.

- The winner of the Grand Award will be decided by solely by the Lord of Heroes' Art Director and internal judges, regardless of the number of votes received.

◈ Important Notes

※ By submitting your artwork on the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website, you will be deemed to have agreed to all of the Submission Guidelines. Please read the following before submitting.

- In addition to 'Original Artwork', participation in this event is also open to 'AI-assisted Artwork'. 

- While there are no restrictions on participating in the event, all entries must be free from legal issues, including copyright concerns. The submitter holds the sole responsibility for any legal disputes that may arise regarding the submission.

- Any submissions that have violated the creative rights of a third party by plagiarizing or unauthorized copying may be deleted from the website without notice. Submissions found to have participated through unfair means may be disqualified even after the winners' announcement has been made, and the submitter holds sole responsibility for such disqualification.- 'Winning Artwork' refers to submissions that have received awards such as '[Grand Award] Chronicle's Choice!', '[Excellence Award] Avillon's Choice!', '[Outstanding Award] Heroes' Choice!', '[Fan's Choice] Number 1 in My Heart,' and 'Researcher's Choice!' by participating in the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> event.

- Upon receipt of the awards stipulated above, Clover Games Corp. is automatically granted secondary rights for copyright. These secondary rights, obtained in this manner, shall remain valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the winner's announcement of the winning submissions.- Winning Artwork of the event may be indefinitely utilized on Lord of Heroes' Official website, online community channels, in-game, YouTube, social media, and official events. The submitter's Lord name may be disclosed in this case.

- Only the submissions that have been uploaded on the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website before the deadline are considered valid as submission pieces.

- Only one submission per person may be uploaded on the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> website. A single submission may be selected as a candidate for multiple awards.

- The event may be halted or subject to changes due to extenuating circumstances. In the event the contest is halted or changed, the relevant information will be posted on the blog.

- Any submissions meeting the criteria outlined in the following section titled 'Grounds for Disqualification and Award Revocation' may be deleted without notice. In such an event, the submitter shall bear sole responsibility

[Grounds for Disqualification and Award Revocation]
- Submission of a piece with no connection to Lord of Heroes.
- Submission of a piece that may adversely affect the reputation of Lord of Heroes and/or Clover Games.
- Submission of a piece sexual, violent, or controversial in any form.
- Submission of a piece that violates a third party's creative rights, related laws, or the organizer's company policy.
- Submission of a piece where the submitter has not provided their user/account information.
- Submission of a piece after the announced deadline.
- Submission of a piece previously entered in other events or competitions.
- Participation through unfair means.
- Players with submissions under suspicion of the above allegations may be asked to provide supporting documents for further investigation.

◈ Additional Guidelines on AI-assisted Submissions

- The name of the AI tool/program used in AI-assisted submissions must be indicated in the submission's 'Description' section.

- If the submitter has modified their artwork post AI-image generation, whether the piece has been retouched or not must be explicitly indicated in the submission piece's 'Description' section.

- Clover Games Corp. bears no responsibility for and does not intervene in any copyright issues related to AI-assisted submissions.

- If an AI-assisted submission unmistakably infringes upon the rights of others, the piece may be deleted without prior notice, and the submitter bears sole responsibility for any associated liabilities.

- The copyright pertaining to submission pieces created with the assistance of AI tools/programs in <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> is deemed to be unclaimed.

- AI-assisted pieces submitted for the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> are explicitly prohibited from asserting any copyright over the artwork, and the said artwork may be utilized, transformed, and processed by third parties.

- In the event that policies concerning AI-generated images, including laws, regulations, and precedents, are enacted, the guidelines for the <Creator Challenge 4 - Art Extravaganza> event may be subject to modification.

- For any further inquiries, please contact [Lord of Heroes Customer Support]

Thank you.