#Water_Mei Ling

Mei Ling cherished her swims in the serene lake, where she'd glide through its crystal waters, observing an array of landscapes. The day's brilliant embrace and the midnight's star-studded sky were her trusted companions. Her brush was the vessel of these fleeting moments, capturing time with every stroke.

However, the time arrived when she had to peer beyond the ripples—the distinction between a painter's instrument and a shamaness' watchful gaze started to become more obvious.

After much contemplation, Mei Ling embarked on her chosen path. Some might argue that it was an inevitable decision, for both her parents were apprentices.

Yet, life is often such; the raging sea in one person's world is but a ripple in another's tranquil pond.

The restless will finds its silent course, leaving enigmatic footprints behind. Those who knew Mei Ling and her deep affection for painting might label her journey with 'regret', while those familiar with her devotion would herald 'fulfillment'.

Irrespective of others' opinions, Mei Ling treads the shamaness' path, guided by the will of the great spirit. Still, she never relinquishes the paintbrush from her grasp, for the great spirit's will is transcribed onto canvas, and the inspiration she derives from her art leads her down the true path.

So, should you chance upon her artwork, study the back of the painting—for there you'll find Mei Ling's unwavering spirit. Delve into the portrayal of a faithful apprentice's soul, for therein lies the essence.

Ah, this one reads: "With your paints, my ocean flows today".