His beginnings always unfolded in the same way, leading him to gaze at the sterile, white walls of countless labs. Trapped in a monotonous cycle of routine and suffering, every day was a test of endurance. In the sterile confines of this environment, one would be deemed impressively strong-willed if one had even a smidgen of hope that things would somehow change. Regrettably, hope was a trait Joshua sorely missed.

Speculation abounds as to why he was able to rise to the position of Viceroy, but the stark truth was that none of it was ever of his own volition. His life was meticulously assembled, a façade of ornate design. Joshua's existence consisted of perpetual tiptoeing along the edge of a perilous precipice, yet he dared not step off—not out of inability, but rather an unwillingness to face the abyss that awaited him. He convinced himself that the path before him was the be-all and end-all.

However, he found himself upon a crumbling road, with unforeseen circumstances shattering his stagnant reality. It is natural that what goes up must come down, but whether Joshua had truly grasped this reality remained uncertain. Despite such, a broken path does not rebuild itself. In order to press forward, one has no choice but to throw themselves into the tenebrous abyss below—to a place where Joshua will have to weather life's tempests. Here, Joshua may meet others charging head-on into the fray of life. The winds of change beckoned, their ultimate impact uncertain. No longer can Joshua tread a preordained path, every tile perfectly placed for his convenience. From now on, his choices will be his responsibility.