Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is GM Helvania.

Please find the following information for the upcoming Harvest Festival Mystic Beast Event and Buff Event.

■ Mystic Beast Hunt Event: Harvest Festival Piyo

- Harvest Festival Piyo will appear in the world during the event!

1) Event Information
- Event Duration: Sep. 12th (Tue) 03:00 – Sep. 24th (Sun) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Special Shop Duration: Sep. 12th (Tue) 03:00 – Sep. 26th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2) Event Rewards

Event Reward
StepsBeast CountRewardsQty

3) Special Shop Item List

Special Shop List
ProductQtyRequired SongpiyonPurchase Limit
Training Token10305
Elixir of Insight2051/Day
Elixir of Insight (Potent)10101/Day
Mystic Soulstone11001
Commander Rune1105
Guardian Rune1105
Warrior Rune1105
Striker Rune1105
Sniper Rune1105
Cleric Rune1105
Dark Rune(High)11010
Light Rune(High)11010
Colorless Rune(High)11010
Dark Rune(Mid)11020
Light Rune(Mid)11020
Colorless Rune(Mid)11020

※ Find detailed information about the Event in the in-game Event tab.
※ Harvest Festival Mystic Beast Hunt Info
- During the event, the Harvest Festival Mystic Beast will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the Story Region and Primeval Hall stages.
- The Harvest Festival Mystic Beast only appears in stages that you have already completed.
- When you defeat the Harvest Festival Mystic Beast, you can receive Songpiyon that can be used at the special shop.
※ You can use the collected Songpiyon to exchange for various items at the special shop.
- Harvest Festival Piyo will appear as either dark or light-elemental at random rates. However, the number of Songpiyons dropped will be the same regardless of the element.
- Harvest Festival Piyo has different stats based on the difficulty level of Story and Primeval Hall stages. However, the amount of obtainable Songpiyons is the same.
- Remaining Songpiyons are automatically converted to 500 Gold per Songpiyon when the event ends.
- Obtained Songpiyons can only be used within the duration of the Harvest Festival Mystic Beast Hunt event.

■ Harvest Festival Mystic Beast Encounter Rate-Up Event
- Buff Event Dates: Sep. 16th (Sat), Sep. 17th (Sun), Sep. 23rd (Sat)
- Buff duration: 20:00 – 22:00 (Local Time)
- Rate-up Details: The encounter rate of Mystic beasts will be increased from Normal → High during the event.
※ The Rate-Up Buff will be applied based on the time zone players created their account in.

We'd like to take a special moment to thank all of our Lords for your continued support and love for Lord of Heroes. With the weather cooling down and as we get into the cozy season of the year, we hope everyone stays healthy and happy with Lord of Heroes.

We hope everyone enjoys the Harvest Festival events this year!

Thank you.