The Protector of Ambitions, a renowned hero among the youth of Etharonia, her fame stretching even to the distant lands of Gallus.

However, even the Protector of Ambitions' life harbored many moments of despair. Abandoned as a newborn, fate smiled upon her when the maid of a ducal family discovered and took her in. Lady luck continued to bless her, as the duchess remained childless for a long time.

Showered with love by the duchess, Zaira grew up to become a dainty young lady of etiquette and grace. Of course, Zaira always preferred the intricacies of a well-sharpened axe over the grace of a soft feathered fan, and she much preferred running up a sweat rather than sipping tea to the melody of a piano. There was no stopping her, and as luck would have it, the Duke and his wife were fully supportive of Zaira’s wishes. Instead of bridal lessons, Zaira was sent to knight training, becoming the captain of the Knights at the youngest age in Etharonian history.

One might be baffled at the unbelievable streak of luck Zaira had, but behind Zaira’s story, there was more than meets the eye.

Like a dark cloud hanging over one’s head, Zaira could not help but ponder about her roots—an inevitable fate even the most strong-willed of knights falter to. A constant sense of a lack of belonging enveloped her, a feeling one could describe as one forever wandering, floating in the void. Among her fellow knights, she felt like a square peg in a round hole. Though loved by all, an emptiness persisted within her.

With an empty spirit, Zaira diverted her energy toward the battlefield. With icy sapphire eyes harsh like a winter’s blizzard, Zaira’s unyielding spirit swept the war fronts. Despite grave injuries rendering her arms unusable, her unwavering command of the vanguard was a feat worthy of the history books of Etharonia.

Yet, nothing could fill the void in her heart. She realized that others' opinions mattered little in the end. As this understanding washed over her, the thirst for an intangible something that haunted her for so long was finally quenched.

Now, Zaira embraces her true self. She has excellent martial art skills, but on the other hand, things such as having the tendency to sleep talk are the flaws that make her Zaira. Although her kindness and courtesy to those around her are admirable, her tendency to act before thinking could do with a bit more attention.

Nevertheless, these traits shape her identity, the very essence of Zaira. Whether she treads barren wastelands or treks steep mountains, she remains unwavering, a righteous protector, marching ahead with her head held high.