Miriande was born into a long lineage of knights, originating from the northern continent, a place known to be close to uninhabitable. In such a diverse world, where nations and cultures no matter the landscape, the Lehtinen family thrived as one of many distinguished clans. Despite carrying on the legacy of a bloodline of knights with a combined tenure of over three centuries, Miriande was never enthusiastic about swordsmanship. Instead, even as he took his first steps, Miriande could perceive the currents of magic, harnessing them with astonishing ease at a pace faster than he became literate. In a realm where magic remained an enigma to most, only a few could recognize his extraordinary talent. Yet, it was undeniable that Miriande possessed an otherworldly quality, as he effortlessly lifted a broadsword at the tender age of four, a feat that would leave grown adults panting for breath. From that day onwards, Miriande found himself under the tutelage of various mages hailing from all corners of the world, mastering the arcane arts at an unimaginable pace. It was as if he had stumbled upon an inexhaustible wellspring of knowledge in the midst of a barren desert, a joy that he struggled to find any comparable measure for.

However, Miriande's rapid progress soon encountered the obstacle of the limitations imposed by his limited environment, which hindered the true potential of his magical abilities. Thus, he soon found himself departing from his family. Yet despite the unprecedented nature of Miriande's departure, he ensured all the proper protocols were followed for his official separation.

Embarking on a journey without a fixed destination, Miriande encountered a myriad of experiences. He delved into ancient ruins, uncovering new magical discoveries, and sometimes even inadvertently erasing remnants of existing spells. When the first rumblings of a cataclysm echoed across the land, it was no surprise that Miriande was among the first to react to the situation. After all, though his heart remained unaffected by the mundane affairs of the world, nothing stirred his soul like the pursuit of magic. Although engaging in heated debates with twelve comrades was certainly not part of his initial calculations.

As a sword of light sliced through the air and his comrades separated onto divergent paths, Miriande found himself setting foot on the northern continent again. As he gazed upon the remnants of his past, he beheld a landscape marred by the collapse of age-old power structures and the emergence of a familiar abode repurposed into an educational institution. Undeterred by the changes that had befallen his homeland, Miriande resolutely embarked on yet another adventure, driven by a singular goal—to ascend to the pinnacle of magical prowess. Who knows? If fate should conspire to guide a particular fool who has a particular knack for escaping death back into his orbit, he might just lend an ear to what they have to say. After all, he did vow to live infinitely longer than an ordinary human. Just be aware that one shouldn't expect any semblance of kindness or warm-heartedness from him in the process.