Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is Jae-Hyun Lim, director of Lord of Heroes.

Here in Korea, the brief yet heavy rain signaled the start of summer's rainy season. Although the clouds provide some shade, don't forget to apply sunscreen regularly as there is still a possibility of sunburn! And without further ado, let's get into this month's Avillon Post.

※ All screenshots in Avillon Post are works in progress. The features on the live servers may be slightly different from what is shown in the images.

■ Lairei (Dark)

The Pursuer of Paradise, Lairei (Dark) is coming to Avillon.

Lairei (Dark) is a Guardian who protects allies and inflicts powerful debuffs on enemies. We can't wait to see Lords bring her onto the battlefield!

A Booster Support event will also be added where you can catch a glimpse of Lairei (Dark)'s story. We hope you enjoy it as well!

■ Silent Straits Revamp

Changes are coming to the Silent Straits.

New rewards will be obtainable according to your personal damage dealt. Set your own goals and push yourself to the limit!

Players will now be able to become the MVP of the battle by dealing the most damage to the Sea God. Take your Silent Straits experience to the next level and try to break your own record!

Show off your Accolade!

Additionally, the number of spawns summoned by the Sea God will be increased to four from the existing two. Since damage dealt to spawns also count towards total damage dealt, we expect players to place more importance on AoE skills.

There is also another non-class-locked equipment set on the horizon. Players will be able to utilize this simple, yet effective new set of Mystic equipment that will increase the Speed of your heroes.

■ Alliance Daily Check-In

Who could this be?‌ ‌This teaser isn't giving many clues, but they say she's a free-spirited sailor.

An exciting event is just around the corner, offering Lords the opportunity to recruit a new hero. Log in every day to obtain 'Warm Cup of Tea' and enjoy a tea break with the Earth elemental hero awaiting you. Lords can also obtain more 'Warm Cup of Tea' when more alliance members check in to the event. Encourage your alliance members to log in every day so you can meet your hero more frequently!

With the July updates out of the way, let's dive into a sneak peek of what's coming in August.

■ Sojourner of Arcane Mastery

Miriande Lehtinen, one of the Twelve Heroes, is coming to Avillon. Some of you may have already encountered him in the Nightmare story released in March.
Miriande possesses a unique personality that has presented a series of challenges to his comrades of the War of the Tyrants. We're planning to unveil some stories that delve deeper into their encounters. We hope Lords will enjoy these new revealings!

Just as a little extra, we've also got a funny story to tell that happened as we were working on Miriande.

Miriande levitates his staff and unleashes a powerful arcane explosion when using his Burst Skill. But when we were working on the animations, the staff randomly turned into a wooden stick.

Lv.99 Wooden Stick

Weirdly enough, no one in the dev team could recall creating such 3D asset. I personally liked the kitschness, but unfortunately we had to fix it since it was a bug. We still don't know the reason why Miriande decided to summon a wooden stick, but our staff on the dev team have suggested that Miriande was manifesting his personal taste in staves.

I would like to clarify a small update regarding the publication of Avillon Posts. As mentioned earlier this year, posts were scheduled to be published on the 15th of every month.

However, moving forward into the second half of the year, we have decided to adopt a more flexible approach. The exact date of each Avillon Post will be determined based on the update schedule, but we anticipate publishing one edition of the Avillon Post during the second week of each month. We still strive to bring you even more exciting news. Thank you for reading this month's edition of Avillon Post.

See you again next month!

Yours sincerely, Jae-Hyun Lim.

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