The mercenaries of the Rohtor Forest bear a renowned name derived from the legendary Cyan Maelstrom—Fram Berge. She was a tempest on the battlefield, wielding the mighty Durendal with unrivaled prowess. It is said that her numerous triumphs elevated Avillon to become a force of power. To be the embodiment of Avillon's might is an indescribable honor—almost like a beacon of hope for soldiers who lay their lives on the line. Just as the North Star guides lost sailors, the tide of battle immediately shifts when Fram Berge's name reverberates across the battlefield. At that moment, newfound strength courses through weary arms, and shoulders relax as if sprouting wings. Even chaotic war cries harmonize into a symphony. These are the moments etched into memory, never to be forgotten.

However, Fram herself thinks a little differently. All she desires is to welcome new knights with open arms, lend a helping hand with some training here and there, and talk about trivial matters over a meal—even if it's a discussion about which blacksmith in town sharpens swords the best. To this day, Fram remains perplexed as to why everyone keeps saluting her with utmost formality.

You won't be disappointed with Fram though. With her experience as a veteran knight, Fram is living proof of the notion that time is the ultimate remedy. Who knows, you might even catch your ears twitching at the sound of her reprimanding someone for taking her roast potatoes.