Charles III became king at a young age, but this throne was by no means a clean throne. The previous king's strong-king policy had caused turmoil among the nobles, leaving Charles III with a precarious position. After the former king's sudden death, Charles III found himself without the protection of his predecessor and was pressured to mature faster than he may have been ready for.

Despite his youth, Charles III proved to be a master at playing politics, deftly navigating the treacherous waters of his court. He faced challenges not only from his kinsmen who sought to take the role of regent but also from opportunistic vultures who eyed the throne. Through these trials and tribulations, Charles III matured quickly, developing a thick skin and slowly whittling away at the aristocrats. He made the decision to take a certain individual under his wing, and this person became the symbol of the nation's military strength, allowing Charles III to finally succeed in implementing a strong-king policy.

Yet perhaps along the way, Charles III had lost something precious without even realizing it. A hand from the depths of darkness had reached out to himโ€”even before he could realize that a tiny rift was opening up, and even before he could take on the advice of his trusted friend. And well, the result of that was what everyone is well aware of. In a storm of discrimination and prejudice, Charles III caused a war of aggression and became a tyrant that shook the country to its core.

However, Charles III acknowledges that he cannot excuse his actions. It didn't matter what kind of external influence had affected his state of mind, nor did it matter whether the choices he made and the results that came from them were under his own judgment or not. Still, at the very least now, he will no longer waver when standing at the crossroads of a decision. And it's all thanks to the people he now has by his side who offer him heartfelt advice, and thanks to his new way of thinking that allows him to consider all perspectives.