Charlotte's life had always been a breeze. She could flash a smile at those she disliked and feign helplessness to get out of things, knowing that someone else would always pick up the pieces for her. Life was as smooth as the mask she wore.

The events at Lumisade were a testament to this. Charlotte has never attended the Academy. Which also means that she's never had a diploma. But somehow she still became the youngest professor to ever be employed at the Academy. But you can't exactly blame Laphlaes for this. Anyone would have acted the same way Laphlaes did to Charlotte. Just look at her sparkling eyes, her masterful spiritmancy, and the way she treats all the students with nothing but love and care. This "potential" was what made Laphlaes believe in her. Despite Charlotte stepping down from the position after a few months, her "deceit" never hurt anyone.

But that was just the beginning. Ms. Grace, a rising star in high society, was the talk of Rhodon, and Charlotte was that very "graceful lady" who even caught the Ledios household's attention. Who knows what could have happened if Charlotte hadn't suddenly vanished?

However, Charlotte's story continued at her next destination—Isola. Isola's fish market was a battlefield, and one mysterious auctioneer there had an extraordinary talent for sales. Even the chief of the Sirocco Caravan was left astounded. This particular incident too became the talk of the town shortly after. And well, if it's a happening within Isola, then there's a certain someone behind the scenes—someone who knows even the number of rocks in Lake Caleccia.

So what's Charlotte like underneath that mask? Do we think she's smiling or frowning? To Charlotte, it doesn't matter. Because Charlotte will simply be Charlotte regardless, and if she doesn't make such an effort to make life easier for herself, life becomes an uphill battle for her.

So with that in mind, shall we make a promise amongst ourselves? If Charlotte gives you a smile, greet her warmly. And if she is sad, give her a big hug. If you give her the confidence to trust you, maybe you'll see what's hidden beneath her mask. But even if you don't, know that Charlotte is already showing you her true self, mask or no mask.