Johan's playground as a child was not one with swings and slides. Instead, it had kitchen utensils such as a pot for a helmet and chopsticks as swords. His music was the bubbling of a boiling pot, and his dance was showing off his skills on a cutting board.

Perhaps that's why for as long as he could remember, he dreamed of becoming a Master Chef. It seems fitting that his life's stage would be a kitchen. The one guiding his destiny was the great cook Mari, who could create a dozen different flavors with as little as a pinch of salt. The taste of her food could bring a smile to anyone's face or help shake off the worst of colds. At an early age, Johan learned the joy of hearing the phrase "That was delicious" because of the environment in which he was raised.

However, as time passed, he discovered another source of joy in an unexpected way, one that was quite different from his dreams of being in a kitchen—the battlefield. He began to wonder what it would be like to replace his cutting board with a shield and his kitchen knife with a sword.

Would it be so different to sweat in front of a fire than to sweat under a suit of armor? Would a sword meant for blocking enemy's attacks be as sharp as a knife used for slicing carrots?

After milling it over in his mind countless times, Johan realized that there is more than one path to reach the same destination. It doesn't matter if it is in the kitchen or on the battlefield. He would be able to prove his worth and help others at the same time, regardless of where he would stand.

Now, it's time to get started. He may not be able to cook a great meal, but he can help out his comrades. Instead of hearing "That was delicious" from them, they would say, "We survived thanks to you". No need to worry, nothing has changed. Johan will still give it all on the battlefield as well.