Greetings, Lords around the world!😊
It's time to reveal Avillon's Got Style's contest results! πŸ“’

Lords from around the world have poured their hearts into these submissions and we have carefully looked at and considered each and every one of them.

For their great painstaking work, the honors go to these winners! πŸ†βœ¨
Let's congratulate them together! πŸŽ‰

Timeline's Designer (2 winners) 🧡

: 10,000,000 Renown + 3,000 Temporal Threads + Submitted design will be released in the game

There was only supposed to be 1 winner of the Timeline's Designer prize, but our art team had a long discussion about which entries they thought should absolutely win. A vote was held to decide which of the top 2 submissions should be chosen, and it ended in a tie. Therefore, we decided to award them both. Congratulations! Both submissions are planned to be released as official outfits in the game, and more details on them will be released in a future notification.

β€» Regarding Timeline's Designer Winning Designs
- The winning designs will be officially released in the game as outfit items. The production may take time, and the release schedule may change due to internal circumstances. We will do our best for you to meet the winning designs as early as possible.
- The winners will be chosen by the internal team of judges with the following criteria: 1) Submissions that have kept the required format. 2) Submissions that have kept the Submission Guidelines. 3) Submissions that are structurally more likely to be produced.
- The design or color of the submission might change due to the character's structure when applied to the game. Please understand that even though we will do our best to imply everything that you've put your heart and effort into, there might be some differences from the original design due to technical issues.
- We are currently discussing the method of releasing the Timeline's Designer outfits so that more Lords can see them. The details will be announced in the official blog post.
- By submitting your design, you agree to the production and release of the design in the game. Refusing the production may lead to the cancellation of the award and the reward prizes may get revoked.
- The Lord's name in the submission form will be used as the outfit collection's name. - The Lord's name in the submission form will be used as the outfit collection's name. (ex. β€˜Lord name’ Edition - Spring is Here)

Delightful Stitcher (4 winners) ☘

: 5,000,000 Renown + 2,000 Temporal Threads

Weaver of Affinity (10 winners) 🧢

: 3,000,000 Renown + 1,000 Temporal Threads

Heart of Seamstress (1 winner) πŸ’ž

: 1,000,000 Renown + 500 Temporal Threads

[Special✨] Weaver of Fortune (4 winners) πŸ€

: 1,000,000 Renown + 300 Temporal Threads

Surprise! 🀭
Aside from the originally announced prizes, Clover Games has selected additional winners via an internal vote!

[Special✨] Best Stitchers of Avillon! (100,000 Renown) πŸ†

Aside from the 21 winners, all Lords who've participated in our 3rd anniversary Avillon's Got Style event will be awarded the 'Best Stitchers of Avillon' prize!

No need to say, all of you who joined in the celebration are the Best Stitchers of Avillon!
We sincerely thank you.😊

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β—ˆ Reward Distribution

🎁 Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox by March 26th (Sun) 03:00 (UTC+0)

β€» Please be sure to claim your rewards from the inbox before they expire! Rewards will not be recoverable after they expire.

Thank you so much for celebrating LoH's 3rd birthday with Avillon's Got Style.

We deeply appreciate the love and effort that you put into the submissions.

We look forward to spending LoH's 3rd anniversary with you, along with many more to come, Your Highness! 🌷