Exiled from the Far East, the 'Banished Dragonkins' who had lost their home once, struggled for a very long time to find a place to settle. They wandered across the wildlands of Varhya, Helvania Plains, Nibelon Woodlands, and even the snowy fields of the Lumisade Outskirts, continuing to live the life of nomads.

After many long years until today, the Banished Dragonkins are currently regarded as one of the western continent's rising stars. Upholding their tradition as the 'Boundless Winds of the West', they established the 'Zephyr Partners', which oversees all merchant groups with their headquarters stationed in Helvania.

While the Dragonkins were known to be great warriors with excellent stamina and strength, they were also an outstanding source of labor. With their transcontinental experiences accumulated over long years of travel, they were capable of transporting goods through hazardous landscapes and climates with no problems. And along with their amazing achievements across the continent, the Dragonkin merchants have reached their heyday with the appointment of young Lairei as the chief of the Sirocco Caravan marking its start.

Despite its long history and renowned reputation, the Sirocco Caravan used to be a small organization of traders struggling to make a profit. However, ever since Lairei became its leader, she started pushing through changes that eliminated inefficient procedures. This change expanded their size as their deficits transformed into surpluses. It didn't take long before the Sirocco Caravan emerged as the rising star of the Zephyr Partners.

Successfully opening a trade route across Rhodon despite heavy conflicts with therians, personally trading with the archmages of Lumisade, and qualifying as a resource mining partner with the Commune of Varhya are all incredible feats accomplished by her silver tongue.