The imperial prince of Mir, the elect of Genbu, a seeker of transcendence—There are numerous titles that describe Biryu, but he does not care what others call him. He is constantly looking inwards, at his inner self and his own perfection.

Biryu has spent his entire life being judged by those around him. All eyes on him were filled with disapproval prior to his becoming the elect of Genbu whom everyone admired. He was a concubine-born member of the imperial family's ancillary branches, but he was blessed by heaven to be born as a gifted and intelligent child. Biryu had been envied, looked down on, and scorned since he was a child and had to constantly endure the suffocating atmosphere of the Imperial Palace.

Time didn't wait for the situation to get better for Biryu. He had reached adolescence and had to put up with restraints and unjustified criticism that has gotten worse over the years. His mother, who felt for the safety of her one and only child, was confined to bed worrying about her son. Moreover, he had long been estranged from siblings who had once been close to him. Then came the traditional festival, when the elects of the Four Heavenly Beasts gathered to pay their respects to the empress. Biryu was compelled to stand between his siblings and observe the festival, despite the fact that he was a prince from the imperial family's ancillary branches—and that day marked a turning point in his life.

When the festival was over, he went to see the elect of Genbu. At the time, he was the oldest of the elect, and he had a reputation for being an eccentric who refused to take on any disciples or apprentices. But the fact that he was an elect who was the farthest from the secular world and that he was called the person closest to the realm of transcendence only served to increase Biryu's interest in him. The 15-year-old boy traversed a foggy labyrinth and a rough mountain road to reach the hidden mountain temple of Genbu, where he waited at his door for several days without eating or drinking.

He desired to confront his true self by abandoning his current life, which was no different from death.