A deserving end to the age of gods and heroes.
Should you want peace, prepare for war. Your Highness.

'Nightmare' PART.1
Coming soon for the LoH 3 Year Anniversary!

📢 Spread out the news! 'Nightmare' story scenario update!
Earn rewards based on the number of post shares!

- How to Participate
☝ Share the new story update post with your friends!

- Rewards
💚 1,000 shares: 30 Elixirs of Insight
❤ 3,000 shares: 6,000 Energy
💛 7,000 shares: 50,000 gold
💜 10,000 shares: 50,000 Renown
💙 15,000 shares: 1 Mystic Soulstone

- Event Duration
2023 March 9th (Thu) – 2023 March 22nd (Wed)

*Shares on Official Facebook channel, Kakao Talk channel, Official Twitter retweets will be counted.
*Rewards will be given on 2023 March 23rd (Thu)