Greetings, Lords around the world!

On March 26th, 2023, Lord of Heroes is celebrating its 3rd anniversary! To celebrate this happy moment together, we're calling out to all talented Lords to participate in <Outfit Contest: Avillon's Got Style>!

Show off the design of your favorite heroes' outfits you created!
For the winner of the contest, Aurea will make the design come to life in her Boutique in Avillon! 🤭💗

Please do join in the contest and celebrate Lord of Heroes' 3rd birthday together!🙂✨

<2023 Outfit Contest: Avillon's Got Style>

◆ Theme
- Design an outfit for your favorite heroes!

◈ Eligibility
- Lords from all over the world who enjoy Lord of Heroes!

◆ Event Duration
- February 21st (Tue) – March 19th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)

◈ How to Participate
1. Design an outfit for '1 hero' according to the submission form in the notice.
2. Log in to <Avillon's Got Style> website and click on 'Sign Up' on the top right.
3. Remember to enter the hero's name with the title.
4. Submit the file according to the steps on the website and you're done!

※ There will be a separate <Avillon's Got Style> website page for contest submissions. This page is scheduled to open on 2023 March 6th (Mon) at 03:00 (UTC+0). The link to the submission website will be announced in a separate blog post at a later date.
※ Please log in with your Google account to access the website.

◆ Submission and Voting Schedule
📝 Submissions: 2023 March 6th (Mon) 03:00 – March 12th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
💌 Voting:  2023 March 6th (Mon) 03:00 – March 19th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)

◈ Winners Announcement
2023 March 25th (Sat)
- Initial announcements would be made on LoH's 3rd Anniversary stream!📡

◆ Submission Form
- All 3 parts: (1) Front, (2) Back, (3) Side of the hero wearing the outfit should be in 1 image file. Please refer to the attached [Outfit - Example Image] for reference.
- Details such as decorations and accessories are optional and can be expressed as you want.
- Any method (digital / analog) is welcomed.
- You may only upload 1 submission. 1 image must only include 1 hero.
- Please keep the title as: [Character name] Title (ex. [Fram] Potato Lover Dress)

Image Size

- 16:9 ratio

- Width: 1920(px) or higher

- Height: 1080(px) or higher


300dpi or higher

File Size

Under 20MB

File Format


[Outfit - Example Image]

◈ Prizes
Timeline's Designer (1 winner) 🧵
: 10,000,000 Renown + 3,000 Temporal Threads + Submitted design would be released in the game

Delightful Stitcher (4 winners) 🧵
: 5,000,000 Renown + 2,000 Temporal Threads

Weaver of Affinity (10 People) 🧶
: 3,000,000 Renown + 1,000 Temporal Threads

Heart of Seamstress (1 winner) 💞
: 1,000,000 Renown + 500 Temporal Threads

※ Regarding Timeline's Designer Winning Design
- The winning design will be officially released in the game as an outfit item. The production may take time, and the release schedule may change due to internal circumstances. We will do our best for you to meet the winning design as early as possible.
- The winners will be chosen by the internal team of judges with the following criteria: 1) Submissions that have kept the required format. 2) Submissions that have kept the Submission Guidelines. 3) Submissions that are structurally more likely to be produced.
- The design or color of the submission might change due to the character's structure when applied to the game. Please understand that even though we will do our best to imply everything that you've put your heart and effort into, there might be some differences from the original design due to technical issues.
- We are currently discussing the method of releasing the Timeline's Designer outfit so that more Lords can meet it. The details will be announced in the official blog post.
- By submitting your design, you will be considered that you agree to the production and release of the design in the game. Refusing the production may lead to the cancellation of the award and the reward prizes may get revoked.
- The Lord's name in the submission form will be used as the outfit collection's name. The title of the submission will be used as the name of the outfit. (ex. ‘Lord name’ Edition - Spring is Here)

※ Regarding Heart of Seamstress Winning Design
- The award goes to the top vote design on <Avillon's Got Style> website, regardless of internal screening.
- A Google account is required to submit a design on <Avillon's Got Style> website.
- 'Heart of Seamstress' may be awarded along with other awards—Timeline's Designer / Delightful Stitcher / Weaver of Affinity
- When the design with the most votes has failed to keep the submission guidelines and the submission format, the award may get revoked and the award will go to the next runner-up.

◆ How are the winners selected?
- Clover Games Corp.'s internal judges will select the winners based on various criteria such as compatibility with the theme, ease of reproduction, and high possibility.
- The number of votes received during the <Avillon's Got Style> voting period will be reflected in the review.
- The winner of the Timeline's Designer award will be decided by Lord of Heroes' Art Director and internal judges regardless of the number of votes received.

◈ Please Note
※ By submitting your design on <Avillon's Got Style> website, you will be considered that you agree to all of the Submission Guidelines. Please read the following before submitting.
- Submissions should not be involved in legal complications. The art must be an original creation by yourself. The submitter holds the sole responsibility for any legal disputes that may arise regarding the submission.
- Any submissions that have violated the creative rights of a third party by plagiarizing or unauthorized copying or were created through any AI system using any arbitrary means may be deleted from the website without notice. Submissions found to have participated via unfair means may be disqualified even after the winners' announcement has been made and the submitter holds the sole responsibility.
- Only the submissions that have been uploaded on <Avillon's Got Style> website before the deadline can participate in the competition.
- Only 1 submission is allowed to upload on <Avillon's Got Style> website per person. 1 submission may be selected as a candidate for multiple awards.
- Any submissions submitted in the event may be used on Lord of Heroes' Official website, online community channels, in-game, YouTube, social media, and official events indefinitely. The Lord name of the submitter may be disclosed in this case.
- By applying to the event, all rights including intellectual property rights and adaptation rights of the winning submission will be transferred to Clover Games Corp.
- The event may be halted or subject to changes due to extenuating circumstances. In the event the contest is halted or changed, the relevant information will be posted on the blog.
- Any submission of [The Subject of Dismissal and Revoke] below may be deleted without notice and the submitter holds the sole responsibility.

[The Subject of Dismissal and Revoke]
- Irrelevant to Lord of Heroes.
- May negatively affect the reputation of Lord of Heroes and/or Clover Games.
- Sexual, violent, or controversial in any shape or form.
- Violates the third party's creative rights or related law or the company's policy.
- Doesn't include user information.
- Failed to submit within the announced deadline.
- Previously submitted in other events or competitions.
- Created through any AI system using any arbitrary means.
- Found to have participated via other unfair means.
- Any submission in suspicion of the above allegations can be asked for supporting documents.

Thank you.