There are three rules in the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Firstly, all targets must be captured alive where possible. This is because a bounty hunter's job is to capture criminals, and not to enact their own justice.

Secondly, all damage to the surrounding environment must be kept to a minimum during missions. Well, this rule is more of concern with efficiency rather than ethical level. You can make a tiny mistake and all that money you worked so hard to earn can just disappear into thin air if someone makes a claim against you. And surprisingly, this kind of thing happens more often than not.

Lastly, one should not act emotionally when dealing with targets. Everyone has their own story, but these kinds of things just make work a whole lot harder.

Once a month, the Bounty Hunters' Guild selects an 'ace hunter' based on how well they followed these rules. And Olivia Pavlichenko is such an exceptional bounty hunter that she never once missed a single chance to take this title for herself. Although it must be noted that she doesn't stick to the rules just because she wants fame or honor. All she was, was a girl who one day showed up on the Western Continent with the relic Cyclops in hand just trying to survive and make ends meet.

This didn't really matter to the other bounty hunters though. She performed well and as such, caught their attention. Whilst there were many newbies who would follow Olivia around and beg her to teach them the ways of the gun, there were some who would try to dirty her name and bring her down. But, Olivia never batted an eyelid at any of those people. After all, the most efficient way to deal with people like that is to just ignore them.

However, something has changed recently.
Her heart - once as cold as ice - apparently has now started thawing a little bit after meeting a certain group of knights. Or maybe we're assuming things and jumping the gun a little bit, who knows?