One can summarize a large part of Rashad's life in just a few lines. He has lived what people consider the picture-perfect life of a genius. Despite not having the gift of the gab, his talent alone was unrivaled. In other words, he was the perfect tool for the Gallus Empire's high-ranking personnel. After all, he was a second-to-none cog in the wheel. He had not a single ounce of interest in neither politics nor diplomacy, and followed orders to a tee without question. Sometimes he would malfunction and come up with weird ideas—and the empire made a deadly mistake by overlooking this quirk that Rashad had.

Despite being the Minister of the Ministry of Arcane Engineering, in reality, he was the most ostracized person there. He had strange peculiarities and would say things that no one else could even attempt to understand. At times, he would also stay up all night for multiple nights in a row at the lab. No one ever thought strange of him. But one night, after the last scientist in the lab headed home for the day, Rashad quietly headed to the central control room. He then enacted his plans just as he prepared. He first disabled the central security system and then unlocked access to all the barriers and gates of the inner sanctums of the laboratory.

On this day, he and his accomplices carried out the promises they made to each other, and people risked their lives to face the empire. As the empire was bathed in fire and brimstone, the lab was no exception. On that fated day when Rashad fulfilled his mission and disappeared into thin air, he had made a resolve—to destroy all of the empire's knowledge of arcane engineering and the fruits of their work. No one will be able to comprehend what was going through his head as he watched his research lab burn to ashes. One can only wonder what kind of resolve he had as all sorts of wanted and missing-person posters of him were plastered all over the empire.