The first event in Avillon of 2023!
Get a fortune cookie made specially by Mei Ling and the Great Spirit for the new year!

Obtain a Fortune Cookie every day at the event tab, and test your fortune!

■ Avillon Event Updates

1) Fortune Awaits
- Duration: Dec 31st (Sat) 15:00 – Jan 15 (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)

2) Ad Gifts
- Duration: Dec 31st (Sat) 15:00 – Jan 31st (Tue) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Rewards will be given depending on the number of ads watched!

GOODBYE 2022, HELLO 2023!
We will do our best to provide you with more fun and exciting content in 2023.

The first update of 2023 is scheduled for January 5th (Thu).
See you next year, Highness!

Thank you.