Ondal is a name somewhat difficult to get used to yet soft-sounding. This name is said to have spread from the outer reaches of the Far East to the woodlands. We'll never know if Ondal would believe it, but many of the later generations remember his spirit, deeply inspired by his heroic bravery. The story of being separated from those precious to him, struggling to find a way back to them, meeting other valuable companions, and in the end, sacrificing his life on the battlefield... His entire story is one of noble sacrifice, and deserves nothing less than the greatest merits of everlasting history—even if Ondal himself would fiercely refuse.

History has always portrayed heroes in the same exaggerated, heroic way. And it is nothing but a shame that the heartwarming, tiny details of Ondal's story have been lost in history. Such tales include the story about how he would always inform the spiritmancer whenever he would find a frog along the stream, the story of how he would be the sole one to stay awake accompanying the ancient dragon's overnight drinking, the story of how he would use his body as a shield to protect the others from harsh winds whenever they would set up camp, and the story of when he instilled the values of what it means to be a human to the ill-speaking King of the Dead.

He died as a hero. But to those precious companions of his, he was just Ondal. To them, he was just a man who was apprehensive of anyone he meets and seemingly always on guard, yet a man of warm heart and someone who would never sever ties with anyone.

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Soul cost for Burst Skill has been changed. (3 > 4) - Dec 14th, 07:57 (UTC+0)