Before he knew it, the empire crumbled before his very eyes. What he thought was a never-ending cycle of pain was broken with such unexpected ease. The boy who once was a test subject sat on the rooftop of the laboratory where everyone else fled, and got lost in thought staring at the night sky. Rather than feeling joy, he felt emptiness. But he didn't have much time to sit around and dwell on his emotions. He was busy tucking the younger ones into makeshift blankets as they cried themselves to sleep within the ruins of the labs. He was busy rummaging through empty cabinets gathering whatever leftover ingredients in order to cook food. He was busy cleaning whatever little living space they had left, even if it would always get dirty again in the blink of an eye.

As time passed by amidst his endless chores, Joshua ended up getting used to this kind of lifestyle. All the while, what was once the ruins of a laboratory slowly but surely grew into a shelter for children with no place to go. The young boy who didn't know the difference between cooking tools and surgical tools had now grown into a smart man, attending charity events and even receiving funds for the shelter. His personality hadn't really changed much though — still blunt with his words, shy, and with no love for bothersome work. Still, the children now see right through him, ever nagging when he starts to procrastinate — and he loves every single moment of it with all his heart.

However, a letter sent from a place far away changed everything.