Greetings, Lords around the world!

Can you believe that it's already been 1000 days since we first met on March 26th, 2020?

In celebration of 1000 days as of 2022 December 20th (Tue), we thank all the Lords who have been with us on this wonderful journey.

To celebrate our 1000th day,
A new hero joins the Alliance Daily Check-In!

Please find details below.

■ 1000 Day Anniversary Event - Lord's Special Recruitment

A new hero is coming to Avillon to celebrate LoH's 1000th day!
- Event duration: December 9th(Fri) 03:00 – December 21st(Wed) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Collect 'Warm Cup of Tea' through Alliance Daily Check-In and recruit Joshua(Earth)!

- Mini Joshua is coming to the Citadel of Avillon!
- Start the [Lord's Special Recruitment] by tapping Mini Joshua.
- Please note you must be in an Alliance to start [Lord's Special Recruitment].

- Open the [Lord's Special Recruitment] event every day to obtain 'Warm Cup of Tea'. Alliance members can also receive a certain amount of 'Warm Cup of Tea' as a present.

- You can obtain a certain amount of 'Warm Cup of Tea' according to the number of Alliance Members that have logged in daily. These event Alliance missions reset daily.

※ Daily event Check-Ins are only counted if you open the [Lord's Special Recruitment] event screen. If you move to another Alliance after the Check-In, only the first Check-In will be counted for that day.

- 'Warm Cup of Tea' is used to converse with Joshua or to ask him to join you as a knight.
※ The higher your trust level is with Joshua(Earth), the higher the chance for him to join you as a knight.

- You can obtain 1 of the following when conversing with Joshua: 3,000 Energy / 10 Elixirs of Insight / 10,000 Gold / 1,000 Renown

Max out Joshua(Earth)'s trust level
and get special Accessories!

Log-in every day and progress through [Lord's Special Recruitment]!
Joshua(Earth) awaits to join your knights!

■ New Hero

New Hero: Joshua(Earth) ★4

- Joshua(Earth) appears in the Chronicle.
- You can recruit Joshua(Earth) through the special event.
- Comments about Joshua(Earth) will be added to the Archives.

"I mean isn't it normal for there to be a bunch of different Joshs? That's what's great about time travel, no? Honestly, I don't really know how I feel about this whole thing, but if Josh is happy, then all is well! Huh? No no, I don't mean that Josh, I mean this Josh!" - Anonymous

■ Alchemy Additions

Alchemy - [E] Joshua (Cleric) artifacts will be added
- Drop-rate Up banner duration: December 9th(Fri) 03:00 – 2022 February 1st(Wed) 02:59 (UTC+0)

We will do our best to provide you with more fun and exciting content for another 1000 days.

More content will be revealed in the upcoming Dec.15th update and 1000 day anniversary, so stay tuned!

Thank you.

[Additional Notice]  - Dce 9th, 04:48 (UTC+0)
- An issue where the amount of 'Warm Cup of Tea' obtained from Alliance Bonuses is incorrectly displayed in the Event menu has been reported.
※ This is a display error, and the right amount will be shown after closing the app and logging in again. This bug will be fixed in the next update.