This is a story from a time when Laphlaes could levitate only just a few centimeters from the ground. Harsh winter had come to Lumisade. The nation was left to its own devices after a devastating war, leaving civilization centuries behind in progress. It was a time when the seas were yet to be conquered, state-of-the-art shipbuilding and skilled sailors were non-existing at that time—Receiving external aid was an unfathomable concept. As such, the remaining elves of the snowy mountain gathered and racked their brains to find a way out, giving birth to what we now know as arcane engineering. As elves were naturally blessed with the talents of plentiful arcane energy and extraordinary memory, their talent for manipulating circuitry and arcane secrets was unrivaled.

As soon as the elves figured out the intricacies of engineering, technological advancement accelerated at an unimaginable pace, allowing Lumisade to stand out as a country. Despite its barren terrain and remote location, Lumisade grew to become a power to be reckoned with. So then where does Laphlaes we know come into all of this? The First Archmage, the last elder elf, the pioneer of arcane engineering, and the forefather of the elves. It's hard to believe that a person holding all of those names is just casually drinking tea with us.

Regardless, the elder elf seems to be happy with how things turned out. He's got excellent disciples who have matured to become pillars of the next generation, and he's got some new unexpected companions who are also continuously growing into incredible people. No one knows when disaster will strike again, but Laphlaes knows better than to make a big deal out of things before they even happen. After all, Laphlaes has lived far too long and seen far too much. That's why he's always been steadfast in his attitude to others. As someone who loves all that is life, and as someone who wishes nothing but for his experience and age to be of help to those of future generations.