Whenever Lyn would take a trip down memory lane sitting on her desk before going to sleep, there was always one thought that floated around in her head. That thought was no longer the lingering regret from when she blamed herself for her own weakness, but now only a sliver of curiosity about her actions that fateful day. Lyn wonders, what if she never discovered that tiny hut in the woods as she escaped the flames of the forest that night?

Soon after her world crumbled apart, Lyn began her real journey. There, she met an old herbalist who would give her a roof over her head and teach her much about the world. And there, she also met a mysterious boy, who has now become an inseparable part of her life. Despite being barely able to chop firewood and having to receive a helping hand from her cousin countless times, Lyn never stood idle. It was almost as if she did not know the concept of giving up, even when her skills showed no signs of improving, nor when her efforts bore no fruit.

And so, time passed by. Eventually, Lyn became a fine adventurer, taking the role of a ruin explorer and carrying the Blake family's title on her shoulders. Sometimes she still hesitates and strays from her goals, but with her precious memories, a wise mentor, her strong family, and her fervent ardor, Lyn's future is nothing but hopeful and bright.

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