Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Isola.

We have brought special events for everyone to welcome the autumn of 2022 and to celebrate the upcoming Harvest Day!

■ Welcome Autumn of 2022!

✔️ Valid Until : Sept 8, 15:00 ~ Sept 12, 14:59 (UTC+0)
🎁 Coupon Reward : 100 Mystic Beast Coin, 15,000 Energy, 1 Elemental Soulstone Chest

How to enter a coupon?
- Android : In-game [Settings] > [Support] > [Enter Code]
- iPhone : Go to [ Coupon Site ] with your Player ID found in the [Support]

■ Harvest Day Special Events

- Mystic Beasts are also gathering together for Harvest Day!
1. Mystic Beast Mayhem!

- Mystic Beast Mayhem will be held during the event period below.
- During this event period, Arirang-Piyo will also appear to meet everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful Harvest Day with Mystic Beasts!

1) Mystic Beast Mayhem Period: Sept 7, 03:00 ~ Sept 12, 14:59 (UTC+0)
2) Special Shop Period: Sept 7, 03:00 ~ Sept 14, 14:59 (UTC+0)

3) Special Shop Item List

◈ Items available from the [Presents for Alliance Members]
- As a result of purchasing [Presents for Alliance Members], the player's Alliance member will receive one of the following items from the Presents for Alliance Members.
- Available Items: Golds, Crystals, Energy, Elixirs of Insight, Renown, High Elemental Rune (1 random), Mid Elemental Rune (1 random), Low Elemental Rune (1 random), Linkstones, Temporal Threads

◈ Items available from the Mayhem Souvenir Glasses Box / Doll Box

※ Players will randomly get one of the items listed above from the Mayhem Souvenir Glasses Box / Doll Box.
※ Only ‘Replica’ & ‘Normal’ grades will be available from the Mayhem Festival Souvenir Glasses Box / Doll Box.

[ Please Note! ]
※ Players may not be available to participate in the Mystic Beast Mayhem if they are not joined in an Alliance.
※ An Alliance can discover up to 30 Mystic Beasts at the same time.
※ Defeated Mystic Beasts will not be included in the number of currently discovered Mystic Beasts.
※ ‘Energy’ is required to enter the battle against Mystic Beast. Energy will be deducted when the battle is finished.
※ Players without Alliance will be unavailable to discover any Mystic Beasts even if they clear the scenario and Primeval Hall Stages. Also, players without Alliance will not be able to purchase either ‘Alliance Buff’ or ‘Presents for Alliance Members’ from the Special Shop.
※ Players’ Lord level must be at least 5 or higher to purchase ‘Alliance Buff’ and ‘Presents for Alliance Members’ from the Special Shop.
※ The buff effect from the Daily Buff Events will overlap with Alliance Buff from the Mystic Beasts Mayhem when the same effect is applied.
※ After the event period, any leftover Mystic Beast Coin will be exchanged for gold and sent to the mailbox.
※ If alliance members fail to defeat Mystic Beasts within the designated period, participation rewards will be unavailable to any participants.
※ The participation rewards will be achievable only once from each Mystic Beast battle in which players participated. Even if players participate in the same Mystic Beast battle multiple times, the participation reward will be available only once.

2. Harvest Day Special Buff!
- During the event period, we will be applying various buffs for everyone!