Greetings, Lords
This is GM Isola.

We'd like to inform you of a list of issues currently being investigated by our team.

The list will be updated, added, or removed regularly as they are discovered and resolved. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or working on fixing.

Last updated: August 25th, 12:19 (UTC+0)

[Current Known Issues]

Calamity's Cradle (Alliance Raid)
- There is an issue where at the Calamity's Cradle, the Artifact effect of Commander skill is not added up correctly on the Commander Select Pop-up
※ Please note that this is just a text error.

- There is an issue at the [Mail] while players are in the Linkshop, an issue that mail is not automatically deleted from the mail list even though attached items have been retrieved. (added on Aug 31, 02:45)
※ List of the mail that has not been deleted even after receiving items will be refreshed after visiting one of any other Summon menus.

[Fixed Known Issues]

- There is an issue where the available selection of the 'Class Agate Selection Chest' & 'Class Rune Selection Chest' is not displaying Commander Class items. (Fixed on Aug 25, 12:19)

※ Please Note
We will be helping players who selected different Class items due to the above issue, to exchange obtained items for Commander Class items. Please read below and submit an inquiry to Support Center for help.

- Subjected Period : After maintenance on Aug 25 ~ Until the update on Aug 25, 12:19 (UTC+0)
- Subjected Players : Players who selected different class Rune OR Agate from [Selection Chest].

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issues above.

Need to report a bug in Lord of Heroes? You may submit bug reports at Support. Please provide us as many details as possible about your issue. The more details you give us, the more likely we can track down the bug and fix it.

Thank you!
GM Isola.